by Matt Kronish

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4-song EP


released October 13, 2016

All Songs Written, Recorded and Mixed by Matt Kronish
Instruments and Vocals Performed by Matt Kronish



all rights reserved


Matt Kronish Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Make Believe
In my heart
I need a fresh start
I can't leave it alone
It's all I know
Not like I ever knew
How are you supposed to
Be my friend
Be the deep end
Because your problems are mine
We're wading in it
Be the feeling you fought
And everything stops with it

Oh, that lonely feeling I've been concealing does me in
I lose even when I win

Make believe
As I live and breathe
If something's making me stay
I couldn't say
No I couldn't describe
Pledge allegiance to the wrong side
Peace of mind
At least an ounce at a time
Because I couldn't stand by
It's always "Do or Die"
Made a joke out of me
Couldn't be any less funny
Track Name: Like Nobody Else Does
I love myself
I love myself like nobody else does
'Cause I know I've been mistreated

I'm always taking the hits, but never getting high
I may not know what it is, but I still give it a try
Sweet things in life are for kids, or just for some other guy
I won't let myself admit, I won't let myself deny

You can't expect me to notice when I'm so far out
Even my questions get loaded and I'm a drag without
So I concede that I know it, retreat becomes a rout
I want my piece like I own it, it's all I think about
Track Name: Someone Else
Good God, could you be less desperate
Two times, there won’t be a third
Didn’t know, but you should have guessed it
I don’t want to use words

When the conversation ended
I wasn’t protecting myself
It hadn’t gone as I intended
‘Cause you were holding someone else

Sweetheart’s gonna turn this over
Chairs and tables and the kitchen sink
There’s a difference between smart and sober
But it doesn’t matter when we both drink

I talk to you like a stranger
And you respond in kind, no more
We’ve been here before
But can we come back this time?

We make love like I make my money
Hard and slow or not at all
No shame ‘cause nobody knows me
A simple problem hits a brick wall
Track Name: Unequal
I told the people I'm closest to she's my favorite way just to smile more
I'm able to call her mine and I'm lucky to have her
She knows what I'm going for

I can't help but feeling inspired
So much so I just can't keep quiet, outright, unequal

I'm afraid to leave her alone, but who said, "Be the change you are looking for"?
You said, "Everybody is on their own,
But that's the way that they come and go"
I hate to think that I'm going away, i never had respect for my proper home
So I never thought I was gonna stay, but I never dreamed I'd have to roam