Winter In Southern California

by Matt Kronish

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3-song EP recorded to cassette


released February 5, 2016



all rights reserved


Matt Kronish Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Go Downtown
Go downtown, reinvent myself
The corners I've been turning turned into something else
I'm feeling everything I wish you felt
I take the time to tell you, although I know it doesn't help
The memories I keep, and the rest I'll sell
Just to go downtown and reinvent myself

Go downtown and reinvent myself
Just 'cause someone asks you, it doesn't mean you need to tell
After so much time, what a reaction you compel
I spent your weak days with your family, your strong ones on a shelf
Whoever set the tone, I guess it's just as well
Go downtown and reinvent myself
Track Name: My Old Flame
I don't know where you've been
Some places I just can't go
But all my feelings fit in
Your favorite song by Brosseau

Last night I dreamed that I played
The songs I'd written for you
'Cause time and distance won't fade
The sentiment that is true

My old flame through the years
Don't put me out with new tears

I made myself feel at home
It happened too easily
Your spirit's precious as stone
And twice as heavy to me
How can I leave you alone?
I know we're destined to be
Those men want to call you their own - let 'em
'Cause they don't love you like me
Track Name: Pardon
You say you've heard too much
Or the magic's already gone
I'm begging for your pardon

Now your mind is made
On the life devoid of vice
Well, the hardest part is starting

Things have gotten so bad, counting down the ways I love
Between the short fall, and the longer one
And things have gotten so bad, you don't want to say "Goodbye"
So you leave slow, but not to me you don't

In this world you live any way you can
But you still act like you were dreaming
You were cold and I was steaming
So thunder back at me
Wonder honestly if this is who you're used to being
I can't believe what I've been seeing